Helemano Farms grows and sells Hawaii's Christmas trees.
Oahu farm opens the day after Thanksgiving 2014.
Christmas Tree prices start at $45 — Come pick yours
The farm will have Leyland Cypress & Norfolk Pine trees as well as
assorted varieties of potted Leyland trees and crafted wreaths.
Delivery, shipping and transportation are not available.
Christmas tree farm in Hawaii

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Frequently Asked Questions
Farm Hours:

  • Wednesday, Thursday & Friday:
    • Noon to Sunset
  • Saturday & Sunday:
    • 10am to Sunset
  • Closed on Monday & Tuesday
  • Enjoy Christmas in Hawaii
Hawaii's Christmas tree farm Helemano Farms started in 2002 as the retirement project of agriculture executive Mike O'Brien. When he grew up on the West Coast, Mike and his family would go to a farm to pick their Christmas tree. Years later, Mike decided Hawaii should have a Christmas tree farm.

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Hawaii Christmas tree farm

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