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Find a fresh Xmas Tree that wasn’t shipped from thousands of miles away
Helemano Christmas tree farm — Christmas trees in Hawaii

Helemano Farms opens day after Thanksgiving

1750 Whitmore Ave. Wahiawa, HI 96786
Central Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
Contact: Pat O'Brien pat@helemanofarms.com

Webmaster: Tim Ruel
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Norfolk Pine Christmas trees

Helemano Farms grows several types of Christmas trees, including Hawaii's historic Norfolk pine. Originally from Australia's Norfolk Island, Norfolk pine trees came to Hawaii in the 19th Century. Norfolks can reach more than 200 feet tall. Our Norfolks come in all sizes.
When cut down, Norfolk pine trees can stay green, healthy, and gorgeous for more than a month. All it takes is keeping the tree stand hydrated every day for the first three weeks.

Norfolks do not turn brown like Christmas trees shipped to Hawaii. Norfolks do not shed needles and make a mess of your living room. After a Norfolk tree is cut down, a new tree can grow back from the stump! Some of our Norfolks have grown back more than two times.

Leylands, Yoshinos & Sapphires

Helemano Farms grows and sells Leyland Cypress Christmas trees. Leylands are soft, full, and evergreen with a light pine scent. Leyland Cypress trees are a special hybrid of Monterey cypress and Alaskan cedar trees.
The farm also grows silver-blue Carolina Sapphires, evergreen Japanese Yoshino cedar trees, and beautiful Blue Ice trees (pictures are on the left).

No uninvited pests for Hawaii

Helemano Christmas trees are safe for the local environment in Hawaii. Imported Christmas trees have brought harmful invasive species to Hawaii from the mainland. Artificial Christmas trees made of PVC can degrade over time. An estimated 20 million artificial trees in the U.S. have reached an age where they carry dangerous exposure to lead.

Leyland Cypress, full & evergreen

Blue Ice & Carolina Sapphire trees

Lots of Christmas trees

Yoshino, also called Japanese cedar or sugi,
is a slender, pyramidal, evergreen conifer

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